ACDC  is our version of Charlotte’s Web. ACDC tincture is available in an olive oil or alcohol base. Olive oil base is preferred for children. Because there is such a low amount of THC, is it safe for children. We have seen approximately a 90% success rate in reduction of frequency, intensity and duration of seizures. Latest test results were 12.5 mg CBD, .49 mg THC / ml.


Latest research indicates that CBD (cannabidiol) is effective in stopping the propagation of cancer cells. In addition, CBD shrinks tumors and reduces inflammation. Harlequin, Sour Tsunami, Canna Tonic and Omrita RX are the strains of choice for cancer. People with cancer should be taking 3-4 ml per dose 2-3 times a day.

During the growing process, organic nutrients are used to feed the plants. After harvest, the cannabis is dried and pulverized. At this point, a process of decarboxylation is applied, heating the cannabis to convert all the THCA to THC and converting the CBDA to CBD. We also have one tincture that is not decarboxylated to maintain the THCA qualities which are not psychoactive.